Album recording session update

Posted by admin on 27th Mar 2013 at 3:29 pm

Hey people, Our album sessions have unfortunately ground to a halt recently due to a fairly major piece of studio gear (the thing that records everything) going ‘BANG!’. One evening I switched on the power to our studio rack to prepare for a session with Rob and the thing just blew, and then not a peep out of it. So we haven’t actually been recording anything for about 6 weeks now. Good news is that the gear has been repaired and is currently being shipped back to us so we should be able to continue next week :)

In the meantime I have been writing more songs and using my iPad along with an Apogee Jam to demo them and I have to say it’s been a real eye opener. It’s so easy to use with the Garageband and DM1 drum machine app, you can lay stuff down really fast. I’ll post a video soon showing me using it, as I think a lot of musicians who maybe haven’t tried it before would really like it. Amazing as technology is today, you can get bogged down sometimes using a computer and audio interface with all the settings etc. – it can really kill the creative spark if you’re working alone. Garageband on the iPad is so simple it feels like your using an old 4 track or something like that, the technical aspect is almost completely set aside and you can just concentrate on making music.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a shopping mall waiting for my wife and so had a bit of time to kill, so I found a seat and took out my iPad and started working on a song. Within 10 mins I had found a pretty decent synth sound and had laid down a part for the demo. I suddenly realised you can now make music anywhere! So now when I have been doing these demos I just record wherever I feel comfortable and am not stuck in the studio all the time and I have to say I love the freedom that it brings. When I’m done with the demo I can import it straight into Logic on my computer and continue working on it from there if I want. I sometimes find that takes or parts used on a demo end up being used in the final version so it’s great for doing that as well. So despite the inconvenience of not having a working studio for several weeks, something good has actually come out if it :)