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Single : At Eight in a Spanish Bar

Unlike many other upcoming indie-rock bands, there is no repetition in Shibuya Crossings. Their own take on the genre makes them stand out from the rest, striding forward past everyone else without even breaking a sweat. Definitely one to watch out for in 2011!
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With its upbeat mood and a pop-like tune that would brighten up any day, this song is going to be big this summer, while Shibuya Crossings are definitely a band to watch out for in the future.

Shibuya Crossings do what every good band should do, deliver a simplistic tale with a monstrous hook and leave you baying for more, if the full-length album hits the same peak as ‘At Eight In A Spanish Bar’, we could be seeing the start of something really big.
Rhythm & Booze 9/10

Shibuya Crossings successfully manage to intrigue listeners with their awesome brand of indie-rock. Whilst staying true to indie characteristics, they add fantastic hints of pop, making their sound highly infectious, which is particularly true for new single ‘At Eight In A Spanish Bar’
Shout4Music 8/10

For a song with lyrics about disappointment and loneliness, the music is surprisingly upbeat with a cheerful, effortless melody and a catchy bass line. The band succeeds in using a very short and simple riff without becoming predictable or boring. Their knack for keeping their sound fresh and interesting is impressive, making them a band to watch out for in 2011

There is much to admire in the tunes of this London based, garage rock inspired gang. They don’t break new ground but not everyone has to wield that particular spade, sometimes we just need another fine addition to our favourite genres.
SoundsGoodToMeToo (SGTMT)

A lovely slice of indie-rock done in a somewhat different way. There is no sense that you have heard this before despite the track being drenched in nostalgia; instead the track draws from garage and lo-fi influences to create a song that lets you know that summer is well and truly on its way. Definitely a band to watch.
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Their music speaks for itself, a genuinely great song that is being played quite a lot these days in our office. Thank you for making a rather bloody good record
Simon Pursehouse, Sentric Music

This is a real gem, criminally overlooked by the Irish music press. The song features catchy chugging alt rock riffs and a sing along outro of “Everybody’s watching us all time”. The song instantly displays Harrington’s vocal abilities as he jumps from speak/sing mode to harmony vox and back again with ease. Its one of the best Irish singles of the year so far.
Stephen Byrne,

Easily one of the best songs I have heard this year – catchy chorus, neat musical passages, I for one can’t wait to hear more from this talented band.
Hot Digits ****1/2

Classic pop brilliance that hits like a ten ton hammer, the kind of single that’s wonderfully satisfying yet leaves you desperate to hear what they’re going to do next.
UK Music Review 9/10

Album : DOYA (Depend on Your Alter-Ego)

A well-thought out, originally produced and arranged set of songs. First single ‘Take It Out On Me’ has a powerful chorus that kicks in at 8 seconds. Added to this is an infectious verse bursting with keyboard and guitar hooks that should have had every DJ in the country reaching for the repeat button. This summer, if there was any justice in the world, this tune would be pouring out of every car window. It is a joyful sound, guaranteed to lodge in your brain on first hearing, but interesting enough to never get boring. Listening to this album is totally distracting and demands your attention. Put June 13th in your diary now and get ready to see what I mean. A massive 6 elephants out of 5
Get to the Front 10/10

Shibuya Crossings deliver glorious pop with catchy hooks and joyous melodies. The vibe and feel on the album is nice loose and live sounding. I like bands who just do their thing, letting the music speak for itself, not prepared to be part of a scene just doing it irrespective of fashion or trend
The Music Critic 4/5

Picked out your track for the summer yet? Then look no further then the new single from Shibuya Crossings. ‘At Eight In A Spanish Bar’ is a full flavoured indie/pop song with joyful harmonies musically and vocally and engaging hooks that dance with sunshine. Previous single ‘Take It Out On Me’ immediately follows with the same mixture of irresistible joy. The singles are rivalled for best track on DOYA by ‘If It Isn’t Getting Better’, a track that flies on good riffs and great vocal harmonies. DOYA is a solid and spirited album that stirs the listener into having fun
Red Hot Velvet

Spoiler alert: This might be the sleeper album of the year. There’s no fuss with Shibuya. Everything seems simple but unique, clean but unfamiliar and it’s that sort of combination that makes them so appealing. It’s a collection of songs that will undeservedly will fly under a lot of radars. Shibuya Crossings are going to surprise a lot of us with support slots, indie discos and festival appearances this summer. If you want some of that snarky indie credibility, get this on your MP3 player.
Room Thirteen 11/13

‘DOYA’, overall, is overtly indie – a statement I’d usually only utilise as a sneer; however, on this occasion, it doesn’t feel as such and I’m unable to feel any contempt or disdain. Why? Well, because it’s genuinely, quite bloody good.
Shout4Music 7/10

It takes no effort to listen to this album. It consistently pleases the senses. Lyrically speaking it’s a quality album with each song tackling its own issue, and coupled with the intriguing quality to front man Declan Harrington’s voice, this helps the record to stand out from the crowd. For a relatively new band, this is a stand out album. it shows the potential of a band growing in stature. A band deserved of a chance to make it big.
Music Utopia

The Influences of Pavement and The Vaselines come through loud and fuzzy

DOYA sounds fresh and full of summery blissed out pop
John Davis – Producer/Mastering Engineer U2, Snow Patrol, Prodigy, White Lies, Seasick Steve

“DOYA” is a joyful collection of songs. Far more worthy of your time, than many of the over-hyped Irish albums currently taking up column inches, in the national press.
Stephen Byrne,